‘One early spring day, economist Rebecca Stradiot falls in love with a small accordion… She can't sleep no more! She even dreams of her accordion!’

A year later she gives her first performance on the scene of the Antwerp Bourla Theatre in ‘To be or not to be’ and she's been asked by Theater Tol to play in the productions ‘Scatola d'Angeli’ and ‘Faience’. Also the story tellers ‘Les Liseuses Fabuleuses’ call her for her accordion play. And afterwords for her voice. One thing led to another.

Meanwhile Rebecca Stradiot was invited as a solo artist at many cultural centres, including Ancienne Belgique, Cultural Centre Hasselt, De Roma, De Warande..., at the festivals Broodje Brussel, at ZuiderZinnen (the biggest literature festival in Belgium), at the festival ‘De Accordeonslag’ (Holland), at the Mellowtime Music Festival, for Antwerp World Book Capital and The House of Literature (Letterenhuis), on the Antwerp Museum Night, at Romantiek in Oostende, at Andere Podia & Wintervuur (Zomer van Antwerpen)... but she performed as well for fashion designer Kaat Tilley, in libraries, for Actueel Leven en Denken, on the living room podia of ‘Musica et Poetica’...

In the meantime she played as a musician and drama figure in several performances in her home country and abroad with Theater Tol: Corazon de Angeles, Faience, Nachtvlinder, Home Sweet Home and Taarten. Apart from that she also played along Les Liseuses Fabuleuses at Literaal, Mélange d'Anvers, de Nacht van de Musea…

Both viewers and organizers really appreciate her performances.

‘Full of atmosphere and the perfect mindset for the concert of Antony & The Johnsons’, writes Ancienne Belgique about her programme ‘Alegria y Saudade’.

‘Your music has something fragile, which touches me.’

‘Rebecca Stradiot combines poetry and stories with the diatonic accordion. Sometimes melancholic, then again passionate, but always with golden fingers’, upon CC Hasselt.

‘The pure appearance of this unique person who makes us believe in fairy tales, is a most enjoyable repose for those who want to escape from reality’, thus jazz-singer Yvonne Walter about ‘A little bit of love please?’

‘Soft power and powerful tenderness’, tells a spectator on ‘Even more love!’.

‘Pure poetry, to compare with nothing’, writes Ingrid Vander Veken, author and former theatre critic about ‘Rebecca’s Boudoir’.

‘Rebecca Stradiot became an accordion phenomenon but loves the word in its most light-footed and romantic form. A Cupid in a feminine version.’ according to Anne-Marie Segers, Presenter at Radio 1 and Canvas.

And the festival paper of ZuiderZinnen 2005 reports ‘The accordion virtuoso Rebecca Stradiot gives an anthology of ‘Letters to Sleeping Beauty’ and alternates the texts with whirlwinds of accordion music’.

But above all we can read in the guest book ‘Rebecca through and through, with a lot of love for everything you do’.

Photo © Karina Beuthe