Rebecca Stradiot enjoys looking over the boundaries of different cultures and disciplines.

She played as a musician and drama figure in several performances in her home country and abroad with Theater Tol, a company inspired by the circus world.

Together with Kevin Van Staeyen (Le Trio Perdu) she accompanied Ingrid Vander Veken during a performance on her book ‘Zestig’ (Sixty).

For the artistic cooperations she launches, Rebecca Stradiot set up ‘Compagnie Con Espressione’ in 2010. The first show she unveiled was ‘Rebecca’s Boudoir’. A perfect blend of artistic crossover is of vital importance.

As the name says - ‘con espressione’ or ‘sensitive, with expression’, taken from the Italian music terminology - Compagnie Con Espressione wants to move and touch a tender spot.

Photo © Rebecca Stradiot